How to Apply for a Passport

Need an overview of how to apply for a passport? Start here!

Five Steps. #1- Form. #2-Supporting Documents. #3-Photo. #4- Fees. #5-Submit.


Getting a Passport

1. Fill out your form

FormUsed For
DS-11 (Must Appear In Person)Applying for the first time Children under 16 Applicants 16-17 Anyone not eligible for Form DS-82
DS-82 (Mail In)Renewing an adult’s passportU.S. citizens living in Canada whoare eligible to renew by mail. In other countries, U.S. citizens must go to the U.S. embassy or consulate to renew in person.
DS-5504Changing a name within a year of your passport being issuedCorrecting a passport errorReplacing a limited-validity. passport within two years

2. Collect your supporting documents

You’ll need:

The specific documents you need depend on what form you’re using.

3. Get your photo

You need one 2″ by 2″ color passport photo. See Passport Photos for requirements and photo examples.

4. Calculate your fees

Passport fees depend on a number of factors. See Passport Fees to find your fees and methods of payment.

5. Submit!

Not sure what form to use? Visit our Passport Wizard.